nicole victory


Nicole Victory is a communicator and justice advocate from the East Coast of Canada. Over the past 15 years she has travelled all over Canada, the USA, and abroad with a confident message of genuine love and redemption. She first discovered these passions at the age of 13 on a mission trip where she worked with children that had been sex trafficked. Since that moment purpose was activated in her life to be a voice for the voiceless and raise up champions of this generation. She is passionate about raising awareness about some of our world’s biggest issues while activating movement in people’s hearts to pursue what moves God’s heart. Nicole believes that as Christians we are called to know our faith as hopeful, to carry others, and to see the world as restorable. She believes we are called to be in the dirt with those that need us and call them to higher places. Nicole plans to dedicated her life to sharing this hopeful message. On a regular day you can find her drinking coffee with her husband as they dream about the next great adventure.



Hearts Of Flesh

Nicole brings the scripture Ezekiel 36:26 alive by sharing personal stories of how she has witnessed God transform human hearts. She encourages people that they can be part of this transformation process simply by making themselves available for Jesus to use them.



"I have know Nicole both personally and professionally for ten years. During that time, I have seen her come alive with the power of hope and change as she has thrown her passion into sharing those messages with the world through her speaking and humanitarian work. She is an engaging and powerful voice that calls us to action and to consider the part that we each play in the world we live and work in."
Christal Earle, Your Brillance Unlimited
"Nicole Victory is a passionate and gifted communicator. Her love for justice and her love for Jesus resonates with this generation and will move them toward an active and authentic faith!"
"Nicole's heart and transparency as she shares her story will bring strength to everyone that hears. I Love her heart"
Preston M Centuolo, CEO, The Youth Alliance
"Nicole Victory is a fantastic communicator and a close friend of mine. She has a genuine passion for people, God and life that breaks down barriers and connects with people from all walks of life and stages of faith."
Mike Miller, Nova Church
“The best communicators are the ones who truly believe their own message. Nicole Victory is passionate about her message as well as the people she gets to share it with. Spreading hope through her unique style of storytelling, testimony, and biblical truth, Nicole is impacting audiences across the nation!”